Our vision and mission

Research Initiative on Organised Crime (RIOC) is an independent think tank, conducting policy-oriented research on organised crime (OC) and developing tools for disrupting organised crime groups (OCGs) and networks. RIOC is a registered Association in Finland based in Tampere.

The vision of RIOC is to become an internationally recognised expert hub, which contributes significantly to research on OC, strengthens public awareness of threats and risks of OC and participates in joint international efforts to enhance capabilities in fighting OC.

RIOC aims to craft increasingly efficient tools to combat OC as well as at providing advice in the implementation phase of both strategic and tactical instruments on national and international levels.

While studying the threats and risks of the rising OC phenomena, prevention techniques and instruments for the disruption of organised crime groups (OCGs), RIOC serves as an international platform for experts and practitioners interested in professional development. With the objective of connecting OC experts and practitioners, RIOC seeks to promote horizontal learning and knowledge exchange. RIOC experts contribute on a demand-driven basis to projects and/or research publications, but in addition the network provides an opportunity to compare experiences, cooperate and brainstorm in a peer group of OC specialists. RIOC provides  a platform of continuous dialogue for the expert network as well as regular opportunities for face-to-face encounter creating a true community of practice.

RIOC’s purpose is to serve as a policy relevant think tank and an operational partner helping design sustainable solutions as well as to support activities in fighting OC. Only international, cross-border and interprofessional dialogue can produce effective approaches to tackling transborder crime. The worldwide institutional system in its current form clearly limits the ability to fight rapidly evolving and agile OCGs. Thus, RIOC as a more adjustable platform, in close coordination with partners such as the European Union, OSCE and state actors, can propose more adaptable solutions to specific challenges and questions. RIOC combines the flexibility of a non-governmental organisation with the practical reach to every-day work through its members serving in state institutions and international organisations.