Monitoring and Measuring Corruption – final reports published

The President of RIOC Board Tanja Tamminen and former Vice-President Noora Välimäki participated in 2019-2020 in a research project identifying corruption indicators for the Finnish context. The three final reports have now been published on the Finnish Government Analysis, Assessment and Research website. The Report 1, which has also been translated in English, discusses the background of the project, its key results and the recommendations. Tanja Tamminen suggests in her report a comprehensive assessment for Finland, including risk assessments, monitoring of anti-corruption actions and using modern tools for uncovering hidden corruption. The Report 3 contains reviews of different topics related to measuring corruption prepared using a variety of methods. You can access the English translation of the Report 1 here. Tamminen’s full report 2 can be accessed through the link on the RIOC News page.


CSDP Handbook on Advisory Support to Tackling Organised Crime

RIOC published their first handbook on Organised Crime

The CSDP Handbook on Advisory Support to Tackling Organised Crime (2019) was prepared by RIOC Paulius Klikunas and Tanja Tamminen in close cooperation with Sergii Rybchenko and Ievgen Vorobiov. All four served in the EU Advisory Mission (EUAM) in Ukraine. The authors were motivated to write this book as they knew what type of everyday challenges Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) mission members encounter. The authors designed the handbook to assist advisers supporting host-country authorities to develop strategies, structures and tools to better tackle organised crime and disrupt organised crime groups.